Virilis; Or, The Sole Unblemished Good in Life

Well, here it is, scribbled down in the last minutes of 2014 with Jingles at my side. Unduly influenced by ‘If’ and ‘Invictus,’ indeed. Plus ‘Virilis’ courtesy The Art of Manliness. And a Fight On. Yet I apologize not.

This stands (currently) as my informal admonition to self against all threats to duty and character, and for now shall serve as one of my two 2015 New Years resolutions for how to live my life (the other, of course, being to shave every day.) Semper Virilis.

sea of fog

Hear this, young man, who seeketh fame

Amid the towers gold

Forget not prudent counsels

Of the sages, wise, of old.

The world is full of riches

Those within, and those without

Yet all are but distractions

For hearts aimless, less than stout.

Surrender not to power

Nor to wealth, nor fame, nor lust

Nor even to thy conscience-

Even that shall turn to dust.

Hold true, forever, to thyself

Thy char’cter, tend with care

With char’cter cometh glory

All else is but empty air.

Thy country’s good; thy honor firm;

For these, prepare to die;

And ye shall be forever sung

When kings behold the sky.

The world shall mock you, cast you out

Thy friends shall be untrue

Yet press on forward- this, you must

For such, all great men do.

Face grimly stark reality

With manly force, hold firm

With indomit’ble will, complete

Thy bounded earthly term.

Hold ev’dent truths self-evident

Stand tall beneath the sky

And through the storms and squalls of life,

Fight On- Live Free, or Die!

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