Welcome to Luke’s Log

Hello, my readers, and welcome to Luke’s Log. I have started this initiative mostly to give myself practice with short-form writing for my internship at The American Interest this coming summer of 2015. Here’s the game plan:

-I’ll be sending my long-form analyses to various other publications from now on, and only posting them here if I can’t get them published elsewhere;

-I’ll be publishing 5-10 short analyses of various policy and strategy issues per week, probably between 200 and 500 words apiece;

-Each piece will link to another article I’ve read. I’m going to make a point of writing a summary and commentary of every important article I read, and posting the new piece rather than the article itself;

-I’ll be writing from my usual perspective, that of the conservative-progressive nationalist Hamiltonian political theorist;

-In format, these pieces will be quite similar to pieces on Walter Russell Mead’s blog, Via Meadia;

-The point of this is to give readers short chunks of detailed analysis that highlight broader trends in the world around us, rather than being mere news commentary. I’m trying to paint a broad picture of our times with enough detail to make sense of it all. Expect commentary on policy, strategy, politics, culture, demographics, economics, random stunts, and everything else under the sun. I might post special pieces on historical commemoration days, too.

So we’ll see how this goes. All those who know me know that one of my few skills is writing, and most of them know that my writing seriously needs polished up if I’m ever going to get an audience more substantial and diverse than you, my devoted readers. So we’ll see if, in the midst of Spring semester, amid classes, band gigs, hikes, long books, internships, and student orgs, I can keep up this project and improve my skills through it. And if you’d all be willing to read and comment on my analyses along the way, I will be most grateful.

So let’s move forward towards a great new era of blogging and writing. I’ll try to get the first pieces up later today.


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