Archive | May 2013

Opening Statement

I start this blog as a collector and organizer of thoughts, perhaps a forum for discussion and inquiry, and should fortune dictate it, a resource for future generations; these and nothing more. I am no researcher, not yet at least, nor am I a philosopher of any worth; the essays that shall follow here are mere exercises in thought and speculations upon the nature of man, society, and the Universe. I do not hold my thoughts to be absolute truth or explanation, nor do I believe my opinion to be particularly more valuable than that of anyone else thinking for themselves. I am as a bag of winds in a torrential gale.

More directly, I initiate this blog as a vent for my thoughts. Those who know me know that I previously utilized Facebook as my forum, evoking from some admiration and sympathy, from some disgust and disdain, from some critique and debate, but in general nothing more than a reputation as a poster-of-multithousand-word-essays. Such a reputation is probably not a useful one, and therefore I will make my thoughts available to the world of Facebook simply by posting the links of various posts here to my Facebook wall. Indeed, I hope to establish this blog as a direct link to my Facebook profile and personality.

I reiterate- this is not a capsule of what I hold to be truth, but a forum upon which I can consolidate and develop my thoughts on the nature of things. Though oftentimes I might ponder and spit it out, at other times I might learn as I write. I will tend not to cite sources, save those voices of thought and expertise who can speak better than me the ideas I wish to convey, or those thinkers whose ideas all people ought to be familiar with. And beyond this, I shall practice my poor skills of essay-crafting and rhetorical writing here, in the interest of emulating those greats whose pens have served as the tongues of history.

I invite all who are interested to read and critique my works. May the Master of all Knowledge bless this my present undertaking, and the undertakings of all my colleagues who pursue truth!