To the Fourth Revolution, To the Republic



Friends, Countrymen, Americans,

We’ve all been here before.

Through nuclear spectre, through world war,

Through poverty and depression

Plutocracy’s gilded floor

Through uprising and secession

Invasion and repression

We’ve seen it all, and more.


And yet- the Republic survives.

We preserved its Constitution

And conquered a continent wide.

And built up institutions

And have made our people thrive.


One despot won’t undo our glory

He won’t efface our nation’s story

Our Republic will survive.

Our Republic will survive!

Only in fire can gold be tested,

And free citizens will not be bested

By an incompetent populist boar.


Our Republic’s still alive.

And she needs her citizens more

Than she’s needed them before.

Since ’76, since ’61, since 1944.


Greatness waits for those who take it,

History’s good to those who make it,

And what history has in store

Is upheaval and uncertainty

The constant fight for Liberty

The Glory of our Union,

Preservation of our Constitution,

All these battles, these and more.

These we fight for- these and more.


Friends, countrymen, Americans-

The Republic will survive.

It will go through mountains high

And valleys low and rivers wide

But in the end, it will survive.

Fortitude and vigilance,

Becoming of Free Citizens,

Will keep the spirit alive.

Don’t give up hope-

Don’t forsake the fight-

And raise a glass with me

To the Fourth Revolution

And Our Liberty, and Our Union-

The Republic will survive.


-Luke Phillips

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