My Life Balance Sheet, For Those Interested

Last month it occurred to me that I might be a bit more organized in my life if I wrote down everything I’m committed to doing and had it in front of me for frequent reference. The realization that this would be useful came while I was speaking with a mentor of mine, the historian of the moderate Republicans Geoffrey Kabaservice. He asked me if I could name five fun things I’d done over the summer, and I couldn’t name any; and I realized that I should probably explicitly make time for non-professional things in my busy schedule, something that would be made easier by knowing what, exactly, my priorities were. A later conversation with another mentor and former boss, Adam Garfinkle (Editor of The American Interest) on the subject of life balance through handiwork and craftwork alongside mind-work reiterated the point.

Below, in no particular order, are the various activities and commitments occupying my time as of my 23rd birthday, September 10th 2016. It’s more a projected list of how I intend to spend my time than an accurate list of what I’ve done with my time, if that says anything about my priorities and aspirations. Some might note that this is a neurotic exercise something like Ben Franklin’s ‘Art of Virtue’ plan described beautifully in the Autobiography; it very much is.


Luke Phillips Life Balance 2016-2017


Classes at USC

-Writing 340






Job Hunt

-Breakthrough Generation Application

-2018 Campaigns and Politicos Networking

-Nixon Library Job application


Personal Political Study and Writing

-News Cycle

-Reading Books on politics, economics, history, philosophy, culture, etc.

-Reading Articles on the same

-Preparing to Write Books and Essays preparation

-Blog writing


Publications to Contribute To Monthly or Bimonthly (projected)


-Glimpse From the Globe

-The American Interest /perhaps National Affairs and The American Conservative


-Republic 3.0, Washington Monthly


-AHA Society Blog


Professional Research and Writing

-Nixon Library Projects

-Joel Kotkin/Center for Opportunity Urbanism Projects

-John Hay Initiative Projects


Political Involvement

-Neighborhood Legislature Campaign Work

-CAGOP and LAGOP events


National Guard


-Special Forces Tryouts Preparation…


Catholic Faith

-Church every week

-Read Catholic and Christian thinkers, the Bible



Socializing and Conversation

-Coffee with people

-Maintain letters with some pen pals


Conservation/Trail Work

-Pacific Crest Trail Crew



-Domestic Travel

-Local Travel







-Therapy and Meds

One response to “My Life Balance Sheet, For Those Interested”

  1. areteara says :

    *cough cough* linguistics *cough cough* coffee with people *cough*

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