I was Wrong About Trump…


Hello all newcomers to my blog. Some of you may have seen one of my older pieces from back in the Spring arguing that Donald Trump might just be toying with us, and is actually his pre-2015 self beneath all that bouffant hair.

Well, I hereby rescind all those thoughts and condemn myself for ever having published them. They were nothing more than glorified wishful thinking, the worst instance of lipstick-on-a-pig I’ve ever succumbed to.

I still think a “softer, gentler Trumpism-” a liberal American nationalism- would be a helpful corrective to the globalism of the present American political elite. I’m still working on how to move towards that.

But true liberal nationalism should never ride the blood wave of racist populism. True liberal nationalists in the tradition of Burke, Hamilton, Disraeli, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Churchill, and Nixon should never succumb to the ugliest impulses of human nature in the pursuit of their higher principles.

But then, Trump doesn’t even have those higher principles. He’s a bundle of vulgar instincts temperamentally unfit to lead public opinion in our Republic. He’s not what Andrew Sullivan called an “extinction-level event,”  he’s worse- the American Berlusconi, a clown in loose-fitting statesman’s garb whose only legacy will be the degradation of the office of the American Imperial Presidency yet further beneath what Clinton, Bush, and Obama have done to it.

I’ll be holding my nose and voting for Hillary. I’ll be hoping that Sasse, Huntsman, Greitens, Baker, or Faulconer can reform the GOP and assume the reins of the Imperial Presidency in 2020 or 2024, in the interests of restoring the Republic and liberating America from the Globalist Masters and the Populist Barbarians. I’ll be working at my task of burying Fusionist Conservatism in due season, and clambering my way into “the room where it happens.”

I’d just like to forget that I ever had faith in Donald Trump, Destroyer of Worlds. I won’t forget it.

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