The Fire of Genghis Khan


Rage, Goddess, sing the rage of men

Who rise this rosy dawn

To fire coursing through their veins

The fire of Genghis Khan

Sing anger, shame, betrayal, loss,

Those demons haunting they

Impelling them to greatness

Further with each passing day

Empire-builders, continent-cleavers,

Fathers of eras, they’ll be all

These men who lost their hopes to fate

And answered glory’s call

In purifying fires

Is the human soul set free

To search, to build, to rule, to love,

To be what it must be

So Muse, sing of these Phoenixes

Their glorious journeys, tell

That they’ll inspire future kings

When boys are faced with Hell

The tapestries of History

Are laced with stories bold

Of the rage, the pain, the hope, the might

Of noble men of old.

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