Luke’s Log- Joni Ernst is What’s Wrong with the GOP

After President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Address, Senator Joni Ernst spent a half hour pandering to American populism, denying that anything President Obama said about the economy growing is valid. Throughout her half hour of partisan drivel far exceeding Obama’s, she offered not one practical bit of policy wisdom, nor one suggestion as to how the GOP might offer policies counteracting President Obama’s policies.

Fortunately, not all conservatives are so crass. The Young Guns network has published a little book of policy proposals for the benefit of the American middle class, and a series of reformicons and moderate conservatives from David Frum to David Brooks to Peter Wehner to Ramesh Ponnuru to Ross Douthat to Reihan Salam have encouraged quasi-populist pro-middle class policies aimed at promoting broader economic growth and rising wages and incomes.

These thinkers contribute a very underrated role in the national discussion, and have served as some of the inspirations for the ideas behind Luke’s Log.

Search them out. Meanwhile, check out the YG Network book of proposals, Room to Grow.

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