The Manly Solution to Rape Culture



Whenever I see complaints about ‘systematized violence against women,’ this is what I think.

Yes- there is a systematized violence against women endemic to human society, for the natural human drives for violence, pleasure, and domination are powerful enough to overcome any standards of decency among those shameful men without character. And when these are validated by social norms and codes encouraging such hypermasculine behavior, their frequency is immeasurably increased.

BUT- the answer does not lie in the denial of the existence of gender, nor in the systematic attempts to discredit all objective measures of morality into some amorphous, relativistic nebula based on feelings and rights.

The answer, instead, lies in the only thing that has ever solved social issues without creating deeper problems, and that thing is INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER. Men with strong codes of self-control, men with true respect for women, men who treat women as their equals, and men who believe in objective virtues which they must hold themselves to- THESE are the men who will end the institutions of rape and misogyny in their own time, not the feminist women and men who bitterly complain about injustice while harking the supremacy of self-fulfillment, self-indulgence, and rights as the greatest good. When rights grow divorced from duties, and virtue becomes solely about leaving others alone, decadence and viciousness set in.

The social norms that will end sexual violence are not gender equality and respect- important, critical as these might be in themselves- but INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.

And these are best encouraged at the level of the individual still forming, by the encouragement of virtue through institutions honoring duty, honor, discipline, respect, tolerance, industriousness, prudence, vigor, and kindness. These codes will always be imperfect, but they will always be superior to the directionless humanism so inherent to modern philosophy. If you want responsible people, train them in responsibility.

If it is men who commit sexual crimes (and they truly are crimes) then it must be men who will cease to commit sexual crimes, as it appears external force is insufficient to end them at a social level. And men with a sense of duty and a heart aligned with true character, and lots of them, who will train their sons so to behave, and institutionalize the proper virtues, are the only hope any society has for an end to the brutality of rape.

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