Thoughts on the Activity on the ‘An Evening with the Lovely Ann Coulter’ Event Page


OK so everyone’s spamming the Ann Coulter event page now, explaining how disgusted they are that either 1) such a troll as Ann Coulter could be invited to USC campus or 2) such a racist hatemonger as Ann Coulter could be invited to campus.

Bear in mind a few weeks ago Bill Maher came to campus, and he is correspondingly a troll and an anti-religious hatemonger. Funny enough, he said he’s good friends with Ann Coulter. I don’t recall complaints about USC’s image showing up on the page for that event.

I laugh to myself when partisan hacks self-righteously convinced of their own righteousness deem themselves good and wise enough to ‘fight for what they believe in-‘ to abandon all semblances of civility in an indecent brawl of constructed values, and show themselves to be the fools they are as they instruct their less-well-endowed counterparts in what the impending heaven on earth looks like and what they, the unenlightened, can do to help bring it on. More likely than not, those not properly indoctrinated are merely standing in its way. Ever hear of messianic zeal? It is characteristic of the excesses of all liberal thinking (which, by the way, does not mean ‘Democrat-voting-sot-thinking,’ but basically ALL British and American political thinking from 1776 onwards, and much other Western political thinking besides) to consider the problems of Mankind as not sown deeply in our breasts, but as mere puzzles not yet solved, and therefore solvable. Such an attitude invariably brings forth assertions of objective right and wrong knowable by our minds, and specifies them in ideologies; and if anything detracts from true political discourse and maketh an Ass of Man, it is ideology.

And anyone who has given the matter any reasonably unprejudiced thought will admit that the problem with American political discourse lies not in those like Ann Coulter, nor in those like Bill Maher, but in the fact that populist hacks like both of them are followed by millions in the democratic capitalist system we maintain. It follows that anyone who would assert that the problem lies solely in those like Ann Coulter, or solely in those like Bill Maher, is as much a hack as either of them, and as worthy of respect.

I’ll be attending the event, not out of any love for Ann Coulter (she annoys me and makes millions of decent and honorable people look like a problem, like a thing, for her enemies to vilify) nor out of any personal identity complex (though I consider myself to be conservative, I am far past identifying myself as anything on the American political spectrum) but because I attended ‘An Evening with Bill Maher’- an evening of the speaker trashing conservatives. My understanding is that ‘An Evening with Ann Coulter’ will similarly feature the speaker trashing liberals. Thus is politics in a democracy. Grow up, guys.

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