RePost: Address on 9/11/2013

I, in my vanity, enjoy the opportunity to engage in speechwriting of various sorts, particularly as I self-righteously believe that the present state of American political rhetoric is nothing short of deplorable. I composed this on September 11th this year.


“Let not die in the hearts of Americans that gold wrought by fire, that knowledge that beyond their petty differences of sect and blood they are indeed one people inhabiting one country, professing one code of political faith. In their life thus far as a nation they have truly changed the world. Few times before in the history of humanity has such a rendezvous with destiny been ordained; it is likely that after us another such encounter will be long in-coming. 

In the grand alloy of glory and horror, virtue and vice, that is the state of empire, the Americans have had as checkered, ambiguous a past as any other nation- the difference being that the American past inherited and developed the burgeoning world order. Indeed, what nation on this Earth does not contain a faction who speaks the words of Jefferson and Lincoln? Do certain of our ideals not profoundly resonate with the major portion of Mankind? Has the fire of 1776 not truly lit the world?

Any American being fully honest with themselves and to Truth must admit the unique entrepreneurial-missionary-imperial qualities of our nation, and with them the benefits and consequences to all nations, including our own. The more sober among them will realize that, though it might be wise to operate by different tendencies, we cannot- for these passions are part of our political DNA. The best that can be done is to make the best of them.

Therefore let no American forget their heritage, lest they forget who they are, and allow our mantle of leadership to become polluted by ignorance. Let no one forget our utter unity twelve years ago today. Our responsibility to our forefathers, our posterity, and to all human beings at large, is to use wisely our power, and perfect the ideal of liberty; for when we are erased from this Earth, and only our words and walls remain, history will judge us by these twin responsibilities alone, and no others.”

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