Bounty Hunters Among Us



Occasionally, I’ll see someone dressed in so distinctly from everyone else in the crowd, so against any norm or category, and so tough, rough, and ready that the only noun which I can think to describe them with is ‘Bounty Hunter.’ In the fleeting glimpses I have of them, I can only imagine that they are out on their way conducting a mission for some crime lord or CEO or bureaucrat. These commandos-for-hire are, in all likelihood, probably just ordinary guys living ordinary lives doing ordinary jobs, on their business making a living for their families, pursuing happiness as they see fit. But through my romantic vision, they are the badasses of the galaxy, perpetuating the ancient tradition of Dog and The Man With No Name.

How to Spot a Bounty Hunter

To identify these awesome individuals, it is first necessary to get an idea of social norms in dress and style both in general, and in particular situations like malls or ghettoes. (Those who know me well know that I still struggle figuring out what is in style.) 


With an idea of ‘normal,’ the ‘abnormal’ can easily be discerned.

But there are a great many individuals tramping about the streets whose dress and style might be described as ‘abnormal.’ For example, hipsters dress notoriously out-of-the-mainstream. The skater culture is distinct, while hip-hop style is readily identifiable. And beyond the subgroups outside of the mainstream, there are always those countless individuals who dress uniquely for better or for worse. Now I am a fan of individualism, and make no value judgment here; but I would simply like to note, that dressing out of the normal ilk is not the sole measure of a Bounty Hunter.



Next, one must have a sense of what is badass and what is not. I would say that a lot of bikers and rappers have a general badass sense about them; but although they possess that, not all are very unique, as they are of their own fashion subgroups. But the elements that make them badass should be looked for when judging bounty hunters.

Chains, muscles, tattoos, leather jackets, and studs are often characteristics of Bounty Hunters, though not always. In fact, I have seen plenty of Bounty Hunters who possess none of these. But these accessories, matched correctly with a personal aura of toughness, make Bounty Hunters look badass- and without both badass appearances and badass demeanors, as well as individual uniqueness, individuals cannot be Bounty Hunters.

I have rather poorly articulated the three main features that distinguishes these individuals from the shifting masses of Mankind- badass appearances due to style and accessories, badass demeanors due to facial expressions and ways of walking and standing, and individual uniqueness from all social groups and all individuals in crowds. However, there is one test that can almost always be used to determine whether a unique, badass-looking, and badass-seeming individual is a Bounty Hunter or not.




In the wretched hives of scum and villainy that are the locales of Tatooine (and, arguably, Earth) Bounty Hunters stand out. Boba Fett, the iconic Bounty Hunter, holds an aura in the halls of Jabba’s Palace that distinguish him from the alien faces which would otherwise draw the eye, including that of Bossk, another renowned Bounty Hunter himself. Conversely, Greedo, who can barely be described as a Bounty Hunter, seems to be merely another bug in the crowd of the Mos Eisley Cantina. The qualifications ought to be obvious in these two cases.

And so we come to the ultimate test. If someone one sees in the field looks like they could be taking the place of Boba Fett, if someone seems like they could be a Bounty Hunter in a dangerous and alien universe depicted in a Science Fiction movie, then they are assuredly a Bounty Hunter. These types, though disproportionately males between the ages of 30 and 60, can be people from all walks of life, cultures, styles, and demeanors. Some of the most badass of them are women. And they are impossible to search for- they will only ever be seen when one who longs to see them forgets about them, and suddenly comes upon one in public places.

I have not included any pictures of these Bounty Hunters among us on this post, because I have unfortunately not been sufficiently a creep to take pictures of them when I have seen them. But I will amend my ways, and start taking pictures. This elite class of individuals makes a dull and dreary day an exciting adventure and fodder for campfire stories. I hope, over the course of the next year or so, to aid people in partaking in the soon-to-be Olympic Sport of Bounty Hunter hunting.

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